The United States where has a world-leading education with many well-known universities such as Havard University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, etc. According to annual statistics, the number of students deciding to study in the United States always accounts for a large number compared to studying abroad in the other countries. The US study abroad interviews are the first thing that determines whether you can do. However, not everyone can achieve dreams easily. Come to BTSEdu, we will prepare you the best for the study abroad interview USA.

In order for the interview to go smoothly, you need to keep in your mind three things:

First, you really want to study abroad to learn more knowledge and experience for yourself (not for another purpose).

Second, you can afford to pay for tuition and living expenses when you are in the United States

Third, you have the desire to return to Vietnam to serve the country after finishing school.

Next some experience BTSEdu shared to you to pass the study abroad interview in America that everyone is worried:

1.Prepare psychologically comfortable, confident.

Identify your target audience as US officials who is responsible for visa interviews. They will ask you questions related to study, finance, future plans ... in Vietnamese or English in a very short time (3 -10 minutes). Think in the direction of the interview as a conversation that the speaker must persuade the listener. In this way, you will feel comfortable, calm and confident. You are confidence that you own 50% success!

2.Clean and tidy in appearance.

Formal clothes make a good impression. You know the first impression is very important. They only have a few minutes to contact you, but they will definitely decide on your study interview in the US. So let them have a good view of your maturity.

3.Choose a wise solution

Try to practice your English well so that you can present the most clear, concise, accurate statements of your intentions and plans in the United States. You can present a clear, concise, accurate presentation of your plans in the United States.

4.Study plan for science.

Show your study plan in a clear and concise way so that officials in the study interview can feel the sincerity and earnestness of your study abroad in every word.

5.Plan clear, detailed and convincing

Be prepared to explain clearly why you want to choose that university, your favorite major and why you want to study abroad without studying in Vietnam. Find out the major you will pursue throughout the process of your studies, the benefits that you will gain when studying in the United States, the intent after graduation, your career development goals in Vietnam to persuade the officer in the study interview.

6.Prepare the most solid and concrete reasons

Why do you choose the United States to study abroad rather than any other country, what are your plans for accommodation while studying, transportation, what do you prepare for life away from home; you should be active in your answers, for example, US officials ask you "What do you do in the US?", they do not want to hear your answer simply "I am in the US to study abroad", but the good answer is that "I went to America to study ABC major, because I have a passion from the ABC major in Vietnam, I have studied and learned about this major, now I want to continue ABC major in the US”.

7.Prove you will return home after school

Let them see that your country is very good, very beautiful and developed, but I will return to Vietnam by your very persuasive reasons. Let them know that you have more ties in Vietnam such as family relationships, relatives, assets you will own from your parents or a bright future in Vietnam that you can not refuse.

8.Financial transparency.

Applications for student visas are highly valued when there is complete, verifiable financial information. The financial status of the family will be the first factor to be considered and make the US graduate study interview successful. Your family must show proof that they are doing well, have enough money to pay for school fees and other expenses for studying and living in the United States, and the financial status of the family enough to affect you back home. Incense after learning completed.

9.When your US study interview does not get the results you want

Being refused a visa does not mean your study abroad in the United States has ended permanently, if you next change the remaining problems as proof of a more stable financial situation or the reason more convincingly please continue to apply for a study interview.

Come to BTSEdu, we will be with you step by step realizing your dream, help you get the most successful study abroad interview. BTSEdu will be the companion of you to conquer the pinnacle of knowledge


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